7 Colors of Consciousness

Audio mp3 Program:

7 colors, 7 steps, 7 sessions
to achieve 7 levels of change.

Self-paced audio Program to rebalance your Body, Emotional, Mental and Transpersonal plans and become the Conscious Creator of your new Life !

Sophroliminal Level

Experience the sophroliminal (or alpha) level to regenerate you deeply.

It’s a 100% natural drugfree technique to free your body from all tensions and recharge your batteries !

5 minutes spent at the alpha level is equivalent to 1 hour of deep, restful sleep !

Solfeggio Frequencies

Everything in the universe is related to Frequencies and Vibrations, from the infinitely small to the infinitely great.

The sacred Solfeggio frequencies are found in ancients Gregorian Chants.

They have the property of re-balancing the different energy centers of your body.

7 Colors of Consciousness Program

7 Colors of Consciousness is a guided audio program for Wellness and Personal Growth :

This program is based on proven Sophrology techniques that are well known in Europe.
Above all it is a tool of self awareness, a non-directive method of awakening and personal growth development.

It brings in your life Wellness and Harmony by proposing to rebalance your Body, Emotional, Mental and Transpersonal plans.

The 7 Colors of Consciousness program allows you to experiment the proven techniques of Sophrology to place your physical plan in a state of deep relaxation, to calm the flow of your your emotions, ease your mind to establish a sense of inner peace that allows love and compassion to flow through you and open the door to your true nature leading you to the reconnection with your Universal Source.

During the practice sessions you will be in a state of deep relaxation: the Sophroliminal level or Alpha level,
This state of mind is at border between awakening and the world of dreams.

It is the ideal state to expand your frame of ordinary consciousness in order to reach a state of expanded consciousness where the reconnection takes place with what some call the Source, the Conscience or the true Self. This state of reunification allows you to fully access to your inner resources.

The Sophroliminal level or Alpha level gives you the potential to have access within yourself to the solutions that your mind alone is not able to discern.
In this state of reconnection, you can access your true answers, not those that are related to the ego or to emotions, but those that come from your true Being and that are governed by only one force: Unconditional Love.

SophroHealing is a restructuring discipline by means of the unification of the Body, the Spirit and the Soul.
Once completed this program allows one to become the Conscious Creator of one’s own Life.

SophroHealing Practice benefits

Sophrology is a very popular method used in many European countries, such as France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and many more.

Discover and practice in this program proven techniques such as expanded state of consciousness, dynamic relaxations, synchronic breathing.

It gives you the tools to restore harmony and reconnect Body , Spirit and Soul .

  • Empower yourself by learning how to reach easily the Alpha level.
    This highly relaxed state of inner concentration and focused attention allows you to fully access your inner resources to consciously create what you want in your life.
  • Over the past 40 years, research has shown that such deep relaxations have several measurable psychological and physiological benefits such as:
    – Significant reduction in stress and anxiety (which are aggravating factors for most chronic and painful conditions).
    – Improved attention and concentration.
    – Reduced depressive state cycles.
    – Regulation of cardiac functions, blood pressure and Increased immune defenses…

7 colors of Consciousness

Are you looking for harmony, peace, guidance, answers in your life ?
The True guidance is inside You.

When you have sufficiently sought out solutions, give yourself the chance to look inward and meet with your inner Guide.

The 7 Colors of Consciousness program offers you a unique method to practice, by yourself and at your own peace each step that leads to your new You.

Through this positive transformation you will acquire techniques to help you in your daily life. You will also develop a new state of being that allows you to become the Conscious Creator of your new reality.